Events and Workshops

Raising Sensitive and Empathic Children

with Sarah Pickard

Saturday, February 24th, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Today’s children are increasingly more sensitive to energy and their environments can be over stimulating. This workshop offers help for parents, grandparents, and teachers

Participants will learn:

  • How this sensitivity can affect our children
  • Strategies for adults to help create conducive living and learning environments.
  • Practical methods and visualization techniques you can teach your child to navigate energetically challenging environments.
  • Find support


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Let’s Read Cards, 2: A Tarot Workshop

with Jenna Joya Blondel

Saturday, March 3, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Workshop fee: $20

Back by popular demand!
Join us as we practice the Tarot together.
Reading cards is a wonderful practice for contemplation, understanding, and guidance.

We’ll briefly review:

  • Choosing and care of a deck
  • The numerology, suits, and court cards of the Minor Arcana
  • The mythic and archetypal meanings of the Major Arcana
  • A variety of spreads
  • Considerations when reading for ourselves and others.


We will practice reading for ourselves and others.
Everyone is welcome! No experience necessary.

If you have cards, please bring them; if you don’t, don’t worry, we have decks you may use.
And, if you have cards that no longer serve you, please bring them for a card exchange.

I look forward to reading cards with you.


Jenna Joya

Contact Jenna Joya for information and to pre-register:
Send me an e-mail!
(315) 322-8542