Events and Workshops

Ayurveda 101:
An Introduction to the Sister Science of Yoga
Alison Brant

Saturday, May 5, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
$25 or 2 class card blocks

Ayurveda means the study of life. Ayurveda combines two Sanskrit words, ayur (ife) and veda (study of).

  • Learn the basic principles of Ayurveda and its relationship with Yoga.
    Begin to identify your unique constitutional make-up (dosha) based on the elements.
    Discover new ways to approach everyday lifestyle choices regarding exercise, diet, and stress management.
    This workshop covers the elements, doshas, and the Ayurvedic clock.
    Wear comfortable clothing.
    Chai tea will be served.

“What I find so refreshing about the Ayurvedic approach to health is the lack of judgment. There is no identifying what is “good or bad” for me, thus leading to my feeling “good or bad” about myself. It’s about finding balance, and – when life happens – having the tools to find balance through the right kind of exercise, a proper seasonal diet, and stress management.” – Alison

Alison Brant, CYT-500, PRYT, PTA. Alison will complete her Ayurveda Yoga Specialist Certificate with the Himalayan Institute in April.

For more information and to register, contact Alison:
Send me an email

Ecstatic Dance

Sundays, May 27, June 24, July 29

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

with Chantal Forrest



  • 3:00 – 3:20 pm – Warm-up
  • 3:20 – 3:35 pm – Opening Circle
  • 3:35 – 4:50 pm – Ecstatic Dance
  • 4:50 – 5:00 pm – Closing Circle

Ecstatic Dance is a monthly community gathering for people who love to Dance.

Join us and enjoy a safe and inspiring space to dance without talking, drinking, and the nightclub vibe. This is about self-expression, freeing your mind and body, and connecting with yourself and those around you. No booze, no shoes and no chit-chat on the dance floor helps us keep it intentional. Amazing music helps us keep it all about dance!


  1. No talking on the dance floor (plenty of room to talk off-floor)
  2. Drug-Free, Smoke-Free, Alcohol-Free environment
  3. No photos or videos, cellphones muted and out of sight
  4. Care/Awareness for the space and each other
  5. Move your body however you wish
  6. You can dance alone, or with as many partners as (you) like to join. (If you’d rather not dance with someone, thank them for the offer by placing your hands in prayer position at your heart – Namaste.)

What to Bring:

  1. Loose-fitting clothes that let you move your body and free yourself
  2. Water and a water bottle.

Ecstatic Dance empowers people from all walks of life to freely express themselves, regardless of shape, size, and background. The liberating atmosphere creates a melting pot of acceptance, and the fearlessness with which people move gives newbies permission and courage to dance without inhibition.

See you on the Dance floor!

Fee: $10 – $20 – an amount you feel comfortable paying
(if this is beyond your means please send me a private message, I would much rather have a powerful group energy than exclude anyone)

Questions? Contact Chantal: Send me an email

Bringing Mindfulness to Chronic Pain

Saturday, May 12, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

with Terry de la Vega and Jenna Joya Blondel

Are you living with chronic pain?

Give yourself the gift of self-care and compassion.

Learn ways to manage pain and promote relaxation.


Please join us for:

• Meditation and mindfulness instruction and practice

• A sharing circle

• Deep relaxation: Yoga Nidra

• Joy and meaning in community.

Suggested donation $20


Jenna Joya Blondel, PhD, is a Minister of Walking Prayer, Reiki Master, Mindfulness Meditation teacher, and spiritual counselor at Trillium. Contact:, 315-328-5955.

Terry de la Vega, NP, CYN, is a yoga teacher, Certified YogaNurse®, and partner at Trillium. Contact: or call 315-265-5732.

In, out, deep, slow,
calm, ease, smile, release.
Present moment,
wonderful moment.
– Plum Village Practice Song