For Beginners

Just Getting Started?

If you have never taken a yoga class before it might feel a bit intimidating to walk into a yoga center for the first time. So that you will have some idea as to what to expect at Trillium, we offer this introduction. First of all, we are glad you are here! Being curious enough to come in and take a class is a great start. We want you to feel welcome. We are honored to be part of your beginning and continuing yoga journey.

How to choose a yoga class

Choosing a class and a teacher are individual, personal decisions only the student can make. We recommend looking at the class descriptions, taking into consideration if you feel it will fit your needs.

As a beginner, it is probably best to choose a slower, gentler class. Any class called Beginner or one that states it is appropriate for beginners in the description is a good place to start.

If you are not sure if a class is appropriate for you, or you want to know more about the class, feel free to contact the teacher and ask any questions you have. Yoga teachers want to serve their students as best they can. Part of teaching is helping students find a class that is appropriate for them.

Entering Trillium

Since we are located on a noisy street, we ask that you enter quietly. If a class is in session when you enter, there will be a sign posted at the top of the ramp requesting your silence. Please respect this request.

Arrive a few minutes before the class starts

Arriving early will give you the opportunity to meet your teacher, check-in, gather your gear (see below), and be ready to start class on time. Arriving early is a sign of respect for your self, your fellow students, and your teacher.

Whether you arrive late, or on time, please enter the class as quietly as possible. This helps to set the transition into sacred space.

Students will need to sign a release before their first class.


We offer two options for payment. Students may purchase a 10-class card for $120 dollars or a single class card for $15. A10-class card can be used for any ongoing class, so you may try a variety of classes or go to the same class for 10 sessions. We accept cash or checks.


Yoga is best practiced 1-2 ours after a light meal. If you do eat before class, please limit yourself to something minimal, such as a piece of fruit or a yogurt. Please do not bring food into the studio.


Feel free to bring a closed water bottle with you to class. As a health matter, we encourage people to drink plenty of water. We do not sell disposable water bottles.

Dress comfortably

Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing. Avoid any clothes or jewelry that constrict movement or breathing, especially at the waist and neck.

Yoga Gear

Trillium students may use the props provided in the entry area. For most classes you will need a sticky mat, blocks, a blanket, and a strap. You are welcome to bring your own mat or other props if you like.

Changing Rooms and Bathrooms

Please be aware that although Trillium Center class space is handicap accessible via the front entrance, our changing rooms and bathroom are in the basement, accessible only by a flight of stairs.