Welcome North Country Tai Chi LLC

Trillium Center for Yoga and Health LLC is pleased to invite North Country Tai Chi LLC with Master Sean Boutin to our center. North Country Tai Chi LLC is a traditional Tai Chi academy offering basic, intermediate, and advanced instruction in Chinese Tai Chi.

Master Sean Boutin was certified and trained by the Wushu Chinese Grandmaster Aiping Cheng and Dr. Du Jing.

To learn more about his academy, you are welcome to visit northcountrytaichi.com or contact Master Sean directly at (315) 229-4003 or northcountrytaichi@gmail.com


Course Offerings at Trillium


Tai Chi Basics with Master Sean Boutin
Tuesday and Thursday 11:15 am – 12:15 pm

At North Country Tai Chi LLC, no class is more important than our Tai Chi Basics course. All Tai Chi movement is an expression of layered simplicity and our basics course introduces you to the logic of how to do that intelligently and in balance. This is a time-tested Chinese tradition and it is taught one step at a time with Master Sean. The sequences you learn in Tai Chi Basics sets the foundation for the simple grace for which Tai Chi is known and from which all the health benefits are ultimately derived.


Intermediate Tai Chi with Master Sean Boutin
Tuesday and Thursday 11:15 am – 12:15 pm

Intermediate Tai Chi invests the skill developed in Tai Chi Basics into stylized sequences of movements called “Forms.” As a group, we will learn two Forms, the very symmetrical “Gate of Life” and the flowing and energizing “Simplified 24”. Our practice alternates between these forms in order to focus the mind and balance the body. ****Occasionally, advanced elements from the 48 or 108 forms are introduced to augment the practice.**** This class cultivates skill while preserving the playfulness that permeates practice at North Country Tai Chi LLC.


Semester System

The fee for Tai Chi instruction is collected as a tuition each semester and is based on a rate of $10 per class multiplied by the number of meetings. For Example: 2018 Spring Semester (32 meetings X $10 per hour) = $320 Total Tuition.

Method of Payment:  We currently accept a cash payment or personal check. Please make any check payable to North Country Tai Chi LLC. Payment is due in full at the start of each semester.

Students normally join our academy by enrolling in a class at the beginning of a semester, however talk to Sean if you want to start Tai Chi sooner than the next semester, you might be able to work something out.


Academic Calendar

The 2019 Academic Calendar is as follows:

Winter Open House: Free for all students, guests and the general public
Potsdam: Thursday, January 10

Spring Semester Calendar: 16 Weeks (32 Class Meetings)

Potsdam: TUESDAY and THURSDAY, January 15 – May 9

*Please note there is a Spring Break, no classes Monday 3/18 through Thursday 3/21
Total 2019 Spring Semester Tuition: $320 (based on a rate of $10 per class)

Summer Semester Calendar: 14 Weeks (28 Class Meetings)

Potsdam: TUESDAY and THURSDAY, May 14 – August 29

*Please note, there are two one-week breaks during the Summer.
Break #1 Monday, May 27 through Thursday May 30, Master Sean Training with Master Aiping in Austin TX
Break #2 Monday, July 1 through Thursday July 4

Total 2018 Summer Semester Tuition: $280 (based on a rate of $10 per class)

Autumn Semester Calendar: 15 Weeks (30 Class Meetings)

Potsdam: TUESDAY and THURSDAY, September 5 – December 19

*Please note there is no class Thursday, November 28, for a Thanksgiving break.

Total 2018 Autumn Semester Tuition: $300 (based on a rate of $10 per class)