Tracy Sharlow, yoga teacher

Tracy has been an Adapted Physical Education Teacher in Potsdam and a fitness instructor at Clarkson University and SUNY Potsdam for the past 24 years. She believes that overall wellness must consist of a healthy balance of physical fitness, positive attitude, emotional wellness, and fun.

Tracy embraces practicing yoga and feels that it has made a significant change in her health and wellness. She has designed this Tabata class to stand-alone or complement one’s yoga practice. Her class requires mindfulness and purposefulness with the overall goal of promoting a feeling of balance and accomplishment.

Tracy considers each individual who enters her class to be unique. She feels it is essential to develop, adapt, and follow individualized fitness plans that meet each person’s individualized needs so they can succeed with their fitness goals. She was honored this past year with being named the 2014 New York State Adapted Physical Educating Teacher of the Year.

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